Seeing in the Darkness

Seeing in the Darkness

This oil painting is my first Covid 19 painting. It expresses my feelings regarding all of this better than I can say.


In the quiet of the night, I have been visited by a set of owls. One seems to perch right outside my window, and the other is a little farther away. They sing to each other in a calm, repetitive way. Maybe it's because the world is quieter now, or perhaps they were sent to me as a reassurance, but I find their late-night calls to each other comforting and reassuring.



The owl sees what we cannot. 


The owl is gifted with a vision that focuses beyond what human eyes see or distinguish. The night bird uses his acute sense to move easily and quietly in the realm of darkness when other creatures and beings sleep or retreat to safety. He can see beyond the shadows and the leaves and the branches to where his destination and purpose await him.


In days of anxiety and uncertainty, it is difficult to see beyond the hardship and bad news directly in front of us.


But if we can open our eyes widely and let them adjust to the darkness, we may be able to make out the shapes of the details of places and times that feel far away from all of this. They are not impossible to reach. 


Let the light pour into our eyes and move ahead confidently and with agility, like the owl, and we will make it to that perch that is safe and secure with a vantage point of clarity, peace, and health.


Stay healthy my friends,

Really Truly,



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